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Floor Preparation

Are you looking to get yourself some brand new flooring options, but your space is still in need of preparation before the installation begins? There is no need to fret.

ProFloor Installations is ready to level your base slab in order to meet manufacturers warranties on insulation guidelines. Floor preparation varies from job to job and can involve grinding, levelling, and floor removal.

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Because we offer floor preparation, we can keep you informed about the project’s deadlines and you lose the risk of having to redo the whole project due to an unprepared floor.

We understand that not preparing the floor correctly can be frustrating, time-consuming, but worst of all, extremely costly. Preparing the floor correctly results in an excellently completed timber floor, hybrid floor, or laminate floor.

ProFloor Installations are your expert flooring service in Brisbane and beyond. We are ready to chat about achieving your flooring goals with you, with a one-on-one consultation. To book one in, call us today.